15 defensive driving secrets that can save your life


How to drive a car safely? How to drive a car with an automatic transmission? Safety is everything when it comes to driving.
For example, do you know how to drive in winter weather? If you don’t feel sure about your driving skills, then watch these 15 secrets from the specialists of defensive driving.

The most important rule for when you’re in a drift is not to brake. We mean than blocked wheels don’t let the driver control the car at all. There are only two ways of dealing with drifts, and they are different for each type of drive.

We’re sure that you know these methods, but we still have a few secrets from the specialists of defensive driving to offer you.

How to avoid a car accident 0:29
Always keep the right distance 0:55
Look further 1:13
Use clutch and brake in the winter 1:34
How to drive in fog 1:56
ABS VS. no ABS 2:23
How to drive when drifting 3:08
Check the road 4:21
Divide by two 4:48
The surface road 5:11
Pick a side 5:36
Higher gear 5:51
Don’t overestimate other drivers 6:05
Have an emergency plan 6:32
Use car technology wisely 7:04