This Man Converted a Semi-Truck Into A Motorcycle/Trike


We are usually astonished by what can be done in the world of mechanics. This is the case of this video which you will certainly like. As you see in this video, you will manage to enjoy a motorcycle that is propelled by a full size truck tire.

This creation is already famous around the world and it is known because of the mechanical aspects that went into it. Although this vehicle looks a bit odd, you will see that it is quite interesting. The way it looks and feels is something special that the mechanic certainly like to bring to it. The size of this motorcycle is huge and also narrow and long. It will have 1000 HP and it is 11ft long. This size has been calculated from the windshield to the grill. If you are a car enthusiast this is quite amazing. If you have never seen a bike with a truck tie on the back, you should certainly watch this video and you will like it a lot.

This machine was made by a 22 years old. He tried making one of the best machines he ever could and this is the result of his hard work.