3 simple life hacks to try at home


In this video we see a few ideas to make our life easier. For example with a simple blade from a cutter and a piece of specially designed wood for this job you can easily make a potato cutter that will help you a lot in the kitchen. The potato cutter will help you a lot because you won`t have to waste any of your time in order to cut the potatoes by your hand so you can fry them. This video will show you a way with which you can easily cut your potatoes.

Another life hack that this video shows is with a key. It is pretty easy to copy a key if you burn it in order to get its shape. After that you will have to put the burnt key on a tape in order to get the shape. After you have the shape of the key, you can easily make a replacement for it by using a metallic mold.

Another idea shown in this video is how you can use a dispenser with toothpaste. You will see that this life hack is pretty simple to be done and you will manage to save a lot of your time.