Demolition process of a 70-metre-high old Autobahn bridge


A 55-year-old bridge on a German highway was demolished after its structure was found to be weak.

The Rinsdorf Bridge, 486 meters long and 70 meters high, has served traffic for more than half a century, but inspections in recent years have revealed that its structure is weak and needs to be replaced, and another building has been built next to it. bridge, which can be seen in the pictures below.

The demolition of this huge viaduct required 120 kg of explosives and everything was calculated in such a way that the ruins fell on a prepared strip so that they could be evacuated quickly. The demolition also set a record in Germany for the tallest bridge ever demolished. In the coming days, other bridges will be demolished in Germany, in the same area, new ones will be put into use and others will start to be built.