AFDK 70 – Double-deck Transport Train/Truck


If you want to see a truly impressive truck, then you should watch this interesting video. You will see that this truck shows a high level of flexibility. It features folding doors on its left side and it also allows loading from the side.

It will also feature a 90 ° load in the attached state. Moetefindt has used the latest design in order to produce this interesting piece of machinery. As you will see in this video, all of the action will be happening with ease and the underfloor coupling will allow 90 ° when the trailer is attached.

This vehicle transporter body is in the 16,000-18,000 kg permissible weight class and it features a lockable box body for the transport. The double doors that this one is equipped with will assure excellent accessibility and also a quick handling. It will be able to transport up to two vehicles and the maximum payload will be 7,000kg. Just watch this video and be impressed of all of the features that this vehicle will possess.

You will certainly be astonished by its power and also the mechanics involved in the making of this one. You will enjoy this video pretty much.