American firefighters compete in a prestigious race, their agility and fitness, amaze


Being a fireman requires extreme agility and particular physical form, since the intervention of firefighters is mainly necessary in dangerous and risky environments for the life of the same.

Every year, all New York firefighters compete in the prestigious race, Firematic Racing .

This demonstration was initially conceived as a monetary reward for firefighters who had distinguished themselves for their diligence and timeliness during the management of fires and fires.

For hose competitions, competitors must work as a team to attach a hose to the hydrant and point the water towards the tipping target at the end of the track.

Meanwhile, the second type of races see competitors using the same cart to transport a special ladder along the track

The ladder is then placed against the top of an arch and the competitors have the task of climbing the ladder to reach the top of it, in the shortest possible time

Finally, the third and final type of races, see the competitors engaged in carrying a five gallon canvas bucket and run along the track at full speed with the heavy bucket full of water.

These firefighters are really competent and fast. If their tests have intrigued you share the video with your friends.