Bad captain managed to overturn a ship in Constanta Port, Romania

She was already inclined to starboard, where she had been loaded with the 14,600 sheep and their food, just a kilometer away from the pier.

The crisis cell installed at Capia Midia is going to check if it has gone unbalanced, how the cargo was located and what maneuvers the pilot performed.

Queen Hind entered the harbor on Saturday at 11am and departed for Saudi Arabia on Sunday. It would have arrived in seven days, but it lasted a kilometer.

The rescue operation of the remaining animals in continuous life. Over 200 were saved.

Due to the overload they had to unload to reduce the draft, but unfortunately these maneuvers negatively modified the stability of the ship, more precisely and technically: a weight was removed below the center of gravity (represented by the ballast) and was replaced by a weight above the center of gravity (sheep), causing a decrease in the metacentric height whose effect is the unstable vessel.

These are simple calculations that any captain knows, even Syrian, but unfortunately he is pressured not to respect them..