BMW X5 M50d vs 20 years old Audi on autobahn

In this video we see a BMW X5 M50d who meets an Audi RS4 on German autobahn.
Engine: M50d Steptronic
Power: 400 hp
0-100 km/h: 5.2 s
Topspeed: 250 (260 tested / 160 mph)

Well, let’s go back to the moment captured in the video below. As I was saying, when the owner of the X5 was driving quietly at about 130 km / h on the highway, an Audi RS4 appeared in the equation, which overtook him. The BMW driver quickly depressed the accelerator pedal to reach the last RS4, accelerating to 160, then to 180 km / h. The RS4 driver was initially overtaken to be admired, but then, when the X5 slowed down again, he pressed hard on all the acceleration, bursting into a fantastic sound and a proper acceleration. The BMW X5 tried to reach him again, accelerating to 225 km / h, then even 250 km / h and more (the driver says that despite the 250 km / h limiter, he sometimes manages to reach up to 260 km / h on the speedometer). The maximum that the X5 could reach in this video was 259 km / h on board, but it could not reach that Audi RS4, produced 20 years ago, until the latter got bored and passed back on a quiet cruise.

How fantastic is that, though? Have a 20-year-old car, an engineering genius, and know that if you want, not even a modern quad-turbo SUV can reach you?