Boeing 777 gear swing up and down


If you are a fan of mechanics, you probably know already that the engine you will find in a Boeing 777 is the largest because this plane is one of the biggest in the world. This plane can easily haul 451 people.

Because of its size, this plane needs a lot of force in order to lift off and to land. This plane will have 6 wheels as the main landing gear. You will see an interesting video in which the wheels are put to the test.

The engineers try to figure out if the wheels are going to withstand the force. You will be able to see some ground tests in this video. The main gear will be deployed and retracted so you can get an idea of how this gear is working.

You will also see that this video shows how the moving parts will go into a plane of this magnitude. This is just a small piece of puzzle that will make your flight safe.

Everything must be laid out correctly so that the flight is safe. If you will see this video, you will manage to be astonished by the work that is put towards making this plane.