Cargo trailer converted to amazing camper

A high-end luxury RV is really expensive and you will see that there will be the need to spend a lot of money on this. You will see that there are a few people that like to take the less-is-more approach when it comes to these RV`s. This video shows how a budget camper built himself a real great cargo-trailer. This is basically a house on wheels and has everything he needs. You will see in this video that this one has a small dining table, sleeping quarters and a mini-fridge. There are even more additions as you see in this video. You will like the fact that the man added a television there too. This one even has an outdoor shower and even a cozy quarter to rest up. This cargo trailer can easily be made and the owner won`t have to pay a huge amount of money. Compared to some hundreds of thousands of dollars that are usually being spent on a high-end luxury RV, this one is a bargain. You will see in this video how the additions stand out and you will certainly be inspired, especially if you want to make something of your own that you would love.