Corsair “530” first crank after 8 months


CAF Dixie Wing Corsair “530” first crank after an 8 1/2 month restoration firewall forward. This video was made to show the owners the entire first crank. If you want to see the actual first crank go to about 8:30. It’s slow to start but worth the wait.

The CAF Corsair was built by Goodyear hence the designation FG instead of F4U

The Corsair was in the air flying in the late 1930’s. It was found to be unacceptable for carrier landings until the Brits figured it out. After that it, the US began using them on carriers. While the depicted is a double WASP, the last year of the war saw a 4 row Wasp that developed 3000HP and could get the F2G climbing to 30,000 feet in 4 minutes. It was the most powerful motor of WW II. To think that only 40 years earlier, the Wright brothers used the equivalent of a .lawn mower engine, and the technology evolved into the works of art that were Merlins, Rolls Royce, and Wasps. US motors had no foreign parts, were not built using CNC or computer software, the chemistry of metallurgy improvements and skilled machinists, turning out the creations that came from the minds of smart men and women using sliderules and solid engineering.