Dacia 1310 vs BMW 335xd in a drag race


Dacia and BMW are two completely different brands that I do not think you would join in a race. But when a Dacia 4 × 4 has 500 horsepower under the hood, the balance changes.

You would say that Dacia has no chance in front of a brand that has been producing for decades strong cars, any of them made for such racing.

But here we are not talking about an ordinary Dacia, but a modified 4×4, which has 500 hp under the hood and which seems to reach 100 km / h in a very short time for a model in its range.

At the 402 meter acceleration races you can see phenomenal cars at any time, in which you have invested heavily to create real monsters on the wheels. Old modified vehicles are often a bigger attraction than imported, roller-conveyor, robots and computers in record time.