DARPA reinvented the wheel – Humvee with reconfigurable wheel-track DARPA GXV-T


Most military vehicles come with just two variants: tire or track. DARPA managed to create a middle and hybrid path in the form of a “Reconfigurable Wheel Track”. What does the project mean in this video.

The Ground X-Vehicle Technologies program is behind it and has to do with a system of tires that can turn into a kind of track. This mechanism combines high tire speeds with the advantages of a track that offers extra grip and ease of running offroad.

The mechanism was created by a team at the Center of Robotics and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. We also see in the clip above how it works, namely by moving from a round wheel to a triangular tracked mechanism in just two seconds and this even on the go. Obviously this will serve the US Army for future military vehicles.