Fastest RC turbine model jet in action – 730 km/h



As this video shows you see a really interesting turbine model jet in action. You will certainly like it a lot. The design is really interesting and the man in this video even shows you something regarding the mechanical aspects that go into making these types of jets. He`s adding the fuel to this jet and makes some final adjustments before launching it.

After the adjustments were made, the launch is set up. You will see how the man gets really far from the jet in order to launch it securely. After the jet has been launched you see it getting really high in the sky. It flies for a period of time and we see how all of the maneuvers unveil. We also see that it flies similar to an ordinary jet and the sight is really fun to watch. In the end we see how the plane gets back to the ground.

It appears that everything is ok with it and the man who built it seems to really like the machine he has built. In the end of the video we also see that the plane manages to reach 729 km/h which is a really high speed.