Fighter planes & bombers are giving adrenaline addicts a very close shave



Plane spotters are people that like to pay attention to the nearby planes. Things are not that simple as it seems and they can turn out to be really scary as the plane spotters are placing themselves near the plane. From time to time the planes can come really close and the view seems really scary as the plane is getting back on land or leaving it. Some situations can turn out to be pretty scary as you will see in this video. This video shows how some people were forced to duck down as a gigantic plane was flying near them. The plane was about a couple of feet above the people. The plane enthusiasts usually camp around the plane`s landing path. The footage shows the people that cheer while a planes fly over their heads. It seems to be a really interesting view to see how a plane flies next to you. This video shows exactly this in this compilation of different footages of planes. Plane spotting can turn out to be really dangerous if you aren`t careful. This video looks pretty amazing and plane spotting certainly is a great activity. The planes are always something spectacular to see.