Heermea Thialf – The biggest crane in the world


SSCV Thialf is a semi-submersible crane vessel operated by Heerema Marine Contractors, and it is the largest crane vessel in the world.SSCV The ship was constructed in 1985 as DB-102 for McDermott by Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. In 1997, it was taken over by Heerema Marine Contractors after discontinuation of their joint venture with McDermott, HeereMac, and renamed Thialf.

Thialf has two cranes with a combined maximum lifting capacity of 14,200 metric tons, making it the largest crane vessel in the world. but has lower height lifting capabilities than its competitor Saipem 7000 (which has lifting capability of 14,000 tonnes at 42 meters while the Thialf can lift 14,200 tonnes at 31.2 meters).