How To Make a Hydraulic Gravity Water Pump – Free Energy 100%


A hydraulic gravity pump isn`t something hard to build and as you will see in the video below, it will be pretty easy to build one for your needs. It won`t require any electricity or a motor and you will see that it will be easy to make free energy from water flow.

This project is based on propulsion and gravity. It will be a free energy machine that can be used for the production of free electric energy from home. You will agree that this one seems quite innovative and the best part about it is that it will generate free energy. The A-pump is a new process for pumping fluid and it is a great way to produce electricity. The movements of the piston are carried out based on liquid propulsion and gravity.

The video explains exactly how this idea work and if you decide to build this hydraulic gravity water pump, you will see that it will be quite easy to do so. Just watch the video explanation here and you will get a better idea of the whole process and what happens. You will see that it is possible to produce free energy without consuming any.