How to turn salt water into drinking water


There is a simple method to turn salt water into fresh water. As you will see in this video, this can easily be done. Our planet is covered by water, but only 1 percent is drinkable. People that live near coastal regions are surrounded by salted water. There are ways to make the water potable and nowadays science finds new ways to make this happen. The first thing you will need to do in order to turn salt water into drinking one is to desalinate it first. In this video you will see how this is possible.

This idea is efficient and also realistic. You will soon see that it is pretty easy to turn salt water into fresh water. You will learn how to do this, by looking at this video. This method is based on the distillation by evaporation method. This isn`t traditionally used, but some people find it more easy to be used. You will see that this method is quite simple and will require you only a few elements to get things going.

The main idea of the method is that it will evaporate and condense the water so that new drinkable water will be formed for you.