Massive landslide in Norway sweeps eight houses into the sea

A massive landslide occurred on Wednesday in northern Norway: a piece of land about 600 meters long, with a few houses on it, took it downhill and sank 150 meters into the sea. Everything was filmed.

The landslide also affected eight houses, but fortunately no casualties were reported.

Police launched a rescue operation that took place through the air, because the ground was still very unstable.

There are holiday homes in the area, and at the time of the landslide many were empty.

The director of the Geological Institute, Ștefan Marincea, declared at Digi24 that it is not an extraordinary phenomenon for that area of Norway. He explains that the buildings had been built on a manure cone located on basaltic rocks, and the risk of landslides was known and monitored, proof that there were no casualties.