MAZ-79221 is a 16×16 truck – 811HP


Imagine an extreme truck, geared to both military service and stupidly heavy work. Now imagine that same truck with an impressive 16 × 16 traction system . Okay, incredible as it may seem, this machine really exists and now is the time to get to know it, because this is the MAZ-79221 truck .

If you are thinking that this is only a vehicle of the Russian military forces, you are right. The MAZ-79221 truck was developed between 1996/97 and continues to serve Russia. It is manufactured by MAZ (Minsk Automobile Plant) , installed in the capital Minsk, Belarus.

This true monster can carry 80 tons of cargo and its total weight is 120 tons. With its traditional and military configuration, the MAZ-79221 truck can serve as a mobile launcher for intercontinental ballistic missiles, such as RT-2PM2, which is part of the complex of strategic missiles known as ” Topol-M ” .