Mazda driver brake checks a truck driver. What a bad decision


The incident happened on a national road in Romania, when, before a pedestrian crossing, on the continuous line, a Mazda car registered in Constanța County illegally overtook a truck, after which it suddenly braked in front of it.

The truck driver braked, but did so moderately – certainly less abruptly than the driver in front of him would have expected – so he hit Mazda lightly from behind.

Everyone on board the Mazda got out, initially accusing the truck driver, who pointed them out that he had an on-board camera, which filmed the whole moment.

The driver of the Mazda revolted a little more, after which the situation was not as advantageous for him. They agreed to call the police, pulling the cars aside from the asphalt.

According to the truck driver, the police were called to the scene of the accident and the images on the dashcam were handed over to the police on the spot.

They viewed them, after which they decided to put the Mazda driver on charges of aggressive driving and endangering traffic safety by intentionally causing an accident, which left him with a criminal record and his driver’s license suspended. So now the driver from Mazda has been left without the driving license, he will also have a huge fine to pay, and besides all he has to face the consequences of a police investigation.