Melting stone with solar power


In this video you will see how a stone can easily be melted down with solar power. Sunlight offers vast amounts of energy that spreads across the Earth`s surface. A lot of scientists experimented with the Sun`s light in order to produce concentrated sunlight. This concentrated sunlight is powerful enough to set timber on fire and also to melt rocks and steel.

This type of energy might be the future for power generation. You will see in this video how powerful the energy of the Sun is. This video shows how a natural stone is being melted by the Sun`s energy. You will see in this video how the heat spreads over a larger area. You will also see how the light is scattered around the main spot. The man in the video managed to direct the heat from the furnace at a piece of rock and completely liquified it. The rock bursts and liquifies quite fast after being put under the concentrated beam of light.

You will enjoy watching how it will start smoking in a matter of seconds and after that how it turns into something like a puddle. Watch this interesting video and be amazed of the power of Sun.