Mercedes-AMG C63 brake-checks 3 vehicle on the highway


The dashcam footage starts when the driver of the Mercedes-AMG C63 Coupe aggressively overtakes a black Toyota Hilux. After speeding past three vehicles traveling in the fast lane, the Mercedes driver suddenly steers back into the right lane, almost causing an accident and immediately prompting a typical (and hilarious) Aussie insult from the driver of the filming vehicle.

For some unknown reason, the stupidity of the Mercedes driver doesn’t stop there as they decide to brake check a Mazda6 Estate traveling behind. While the Mazda manages to brake in time to avoid rear-ending the C63, the driver of a white ute behind the Mazda can’t react quickly enough, locks up the brakes, and hits the rear of the Mazda. The black Hilux then narrowly escapes turning this into a three-car pile-up.
Source: carscoops.com

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