Plane flew into the eye of the strongest Atlantic storm eve

Hurricane Irma was devastating for the USA and even though it went away, its effects still remain quite present. In this video you will see a flight through the eye of this hurricane. NOAA`s Hurricane Hunter, a special plane designed to capture the massive force of a hurricane flew through it. This hurricane was category 5 and after all of the damage that this hurricane caused to the people living in the islands, there were massive evacuations in Florida.

This hurricane was expected to reach winds up to 185MPH and massive floods. People prepared for this hurricane in different ways. In the past there were similar hurricanes that hit the US. Some of them were category 4, but this one is said to be a category 5 one. The eye of a hurricane is something that not many people see. The clouds in the middle of the hurricane move in counterclockwise direction. The clouds move to the center of the hurricane. In the center of a hurricane is usually a calmer weather.

As you see in this video, it appears that the weather is better in the center of the hurricane. The cloud formation is astonishing and it certainly turns out to be a gorgeous view.