Repairman had the biggest surprise with an antenna that did not work



A lot of repairmen run into different situations. When it comes to repairing things, you will certainly have to deal with a lot of situations. This is the case of these repairmen in this video. This situation has surpassed them all and you will see why if you watch this video.

A big antenna was having problems and the man owning it decided to call some repairmen. This antenna was situated at the Bear Creek Microwave Site. When they arrived to the site they wanted to fix the problem, but what they found there really amazed them. They couldn`t even expected this as they were repairing the antenna. The inside of the antenna was filled with acorns. Squirrels stored all of the acorns there for the winter and this was the reason why the antenna wasn`t working.

The repairmen managed to fix this issue really fast and they were amazed of the situation they got into. This happened because the antenna was situated in an area that has a lot of squirrels. Squirrels try to find a place to hide their acorns so they will have something to eat in the winter. They figured out that this antenna was the perfect place for hiding their acorns.