Starting up a Soviet ISU-152 heavy tank destroyer after 60 years

The Soviets had some nice tanks at their disposal. They used to take advantage of the Heavy ISU 152 Tank. This machine was a big part of 1940 and it was used in the war. In the World War 2 period, this machine was frequently used and most of us were not born in that period to see how this machines were working. The Russians were known to have some really great machines and weapons that were operating through Europe. The original name for this tank was Zverboy and translated into English this stands as The Beast Killer. This tank was used in the war as well and it was quite common in countries as Poland, North Korea and Romania. The tank shown in this video was abounded in Ukraine and it was found by some people. They started working at it and they managed to make it work again. It seems to be a really interesting video to see and it shows how a tank works again. This type of tanks was also used in Finland and also Hungary. The video shows how the tank works and it looks like it is easy to drive it around. The tank driver knows how to use it.