TATRA 810 truck the world record for the most extreme climb

In this video we see how a TATRA 810 prototype goes uphill and downhill.

The Tatra T 810 is a medium truck made by Czech company Tatra, which replaced in the Army of the Czech Republic popular Praga V3S, which was introduced in the 1950s and served until 2008. This is a training video and by the start till the end of it you will enjoy a really great footage.

Tatra 810 4×4 truck has set a new world record after scaling a gigantic 24.6-feet high obstacle and making it to the other side.

This TATRA is a really big vehicle that goes uphill and downhill with ease. The hill is pretty steep and you will feel like this car won`t do the job. This doesn`t happen in this video though. As you see, the car will go easily on an extreme hill and it will remain there. The people seeing this really enjoy the moment and they seem to like what they are seeing.

This video is really incredible because the car does the job really well and manages to get up the hill really easily. You won`t expect that this car will be able to do so, but this video shows the contrary. It is a really interesting video that you will like especially if you are a car lover. This video is quite short and shows the car how it does its job. By the end of the video it goes down the hill and the people seem to enjoy the fact that it managed to do so.