Terrier combat engineering vehicle: It’s tractor, tank, excavator, landmine, loader and more


the various automotive worlds, the universes of heavy machinery and military vehicles are literally gigantic. Now imagine an immense mix of both in one vehicle. As incredible as it may sound, this really exists and its name is Terrier Combat Engineering Vehicle !

You’ve probably never seen anything like it. So let’s introduce this real brutal monster! This real green “Transformers” is a vehicle with military focus developed by the British company BAE Systems.

The Terrier was thought to endure the challenges of battlefields in the future. Incidentally, it must be made clear that, despite its intimidating design, the main goal of the Terrier is support. In this way, it is geared to prepare the battlefield, clearing the route of obstacles and mines, being able to dig trenches and ditches.

This machine weighs no less than 32 tonnes, and can even be remote-controlled at a distance of about 1 km. In its frontal cone, the capacity is 5 tons (being able to support the work with up to 300 tons per hour). Given these characteristics, it impresses its maximum speed equivalent to approximately 72 km / h.