Tesla Model 3 in the toughest offroad test

Electric cars have gained exceptional popularity in China in the last two years, and although Chinese brands naturally dominate sales, Tesla’s models have also gained notoriety, especially since Tesla also has a local factory in Shanghai. However, Tesla models are more expensive, being a kind of top choice for the wealthier Chinese. One such young Tesla owner in China, however, did not spare his car at all in an attempt to climb a difficult mountain slope, in rainy conditions, away from asphalt.

That slope became the star of a YouTube channel, where a local started filming all kinds of cars trying to climb it. These bumps and curves are difficult, and the lack of asphalt means that any ascent here requires a lot of cars. Thus, more and more Chinese began to come to the town of the author of this YouTube channel, to submit their cars to this unusual test and be filmed.