That’s Not a Rolls Royce Merlin That’s a Rover Meteor: 27 Litre 800HP Tank Engine


The Rover Meteor is technically a medium- sized car designed and produced by The Rover Company Limited, a manufacturing company of Britain founded in 1878 and defunct in 1967.

It’s a 2-litre car powered by a straight-six pushrod ohv 156.5cu in. In the video presented right on this page, you’re going to see the very first start of a specially built Rover Meteor. Powered by a tank engine, this Rover Meteor looks identical to Rolls Royce Merlin, a 1933 liquid-cooled V12 piston engine of 1,650cu in capacity, but is technically different.

Everything is fine about this Rover Meteor except for the water leakage on the cylinder head on both sides.

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