The Madboxer – A Subaru turbo car engine powered motorcycle


If you are a fan of bikes, then you should see this video because the bike presented in it looks really great and as you will see in the video, a lot of work has been put towards making it looking that way. This bike is powered by a 2500cc flat four Subaru Turbo Engine.

This one is a great looking bike which has been displayed at the Evolution of the Motorcycle Show. It has a Kawasaki fuel tank and the finished project looks really astonishing. After sticking the engine between the two tires, the project soon started to take shape and the result was this amazing looking bike which looks fine.

Marcel, the builder of this bike has started working on it by making himself a plan first. After he made the plan, he started working on the bike. He decided to choose a modified Japanese 2-speed automatic transmission, using a chain drive. The turbo was swapped for a smaller and faster spooling turbo. The Kawasaki fuel tank wasn’t` build by the designer and it is the only element which was added to the bike.

You can enjoy the design of this bike while watching this video and you will certainly enjoy it.