This is why the USA doesn’t export the F-22 Raptor


F-22 has two things no other fighter-aircraft has (F-35 included)

All-aspect stealth. Other “stealth” aircraft are stealthy only when looked at from a relatively narrow frontal cone.
Thrust vectored engines with reduced IR signature. There are other TV engines. There are other reduced IR signature engines. But there are no other engines with both at the same time. (Russia and China seem to struggle in exactly this department. Current Russian and Chinese “stealth” fighters have “ordinary” engines with huge power and huge IR signatures that can be easily detected.)

These two things put together give the Raptor a substantial and – perhaps – decisive advantage over any other current fighter in both BVR and close combat: all-aspect stealth means harder to get a radar lock at distance, while low-IR TV engines means harder to get IR lock: the Raptor not only emits less IR radiation but also turns really quickly (as a thrust vectored aircraft should).