This Mini Caterpillar Dozer is a fully functional Snow Plow

For some places in the world, snow fall can really create an issue. But people who are actually looking forward to the plow them out of the way, the Cat Mini Dozer is a great thing to start with.

Although, the Cat Mini Dozer needs a little work the approach is a good thing to start with at least. After a few alterations of your own, this could actually be a portable dozer with strong utility benefits to go with.

The best part of the Cat Mini Dozer is that you can modify it any way you like. You don’t have to stick to conventional ways to make it the way everyone has.

You can mix and match and create something that can be a better version of the original itself. Innovation is the key here and you need to innovate yourself to the maximum.

For a better outlook, just watch the video and make the thing happen the way you want.

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