Truck driver with 35-meter wind turbine on the trailer vs narrow streets


If you are a truck driver, a brave one especially, then you have to push the limits of possibility and make the impossible possible.

Truck driving is all about difficulties and one have to face thousands of challenges while driving truck. It is a profession that puts burden on your shoulders, but if you are dedicated to it then you know how to get pleasure from it. In today’s video, we’re checking out maybe the bravest truck driver alive. Watching the video, you’re going to see a huge python-like truck from the northern part of France. What is interesting about this truck is that it is loaded with an extremely long wind turbine which has a length of 35 meters. It is okay. The truck is big and strong enough to carry such a long and heavy load, but the problem is about the streets. The street that it has to pass is so narrow that one has to be a professional to make a successful pass. At this very point, the driver makes his level of professionality talk and drives the truck like it’s elastic. Respect is what you should pay to this guy.