Truck of the future (without cab and without driver)? Komatsu 2737cv world’s first fully autonomous dump truck l


The name of this amazing project is “Innovative Autonomous Haulage Vehicle” and it was officially presented at the MINExpo INTERNATIONAL fair in Las Vegas.

Unlike other projects, this new standalone dump truck has unique features. The main one is the total absence of cabin (something probably never seen in the industry of trucks). Not counting the driver, the goal is to optimize the performance to the maximum, with the possibility of a balanced balanced weight distribution. In addition, it has 4 × 4 permanent traction, being able to move back and forth much more easily.

In addition, this new Komastsu project (still in the prototype phase) seeks more efficiency in mines with adverse weather conditions and maneuvering space. Your data is really impressive too, relying on 2737cv engine. Its load capacity is an incredible 230 tons.

Watch now the first video showing how the new Komatsu stand-alone dump truck works. It’s surprising!