Trucker two years in prison for this dangerous overtaking

On January 22 last year, a driver ignored road markings and made a prohibited crossing on a national road. The moment was filmed by another traffic participant and based on this evidence the court decided to sentence him to two years and three months imprisonment with execution, without the possibility of conditional release and four years suspended license.

As shown in the video, the driver of a truck went into overdrive while on the counter a student bus was legally moving. The impact was avoided to the limit and it can be said that it was a miracle that no one died.

The event took place on the B12 national road in Germany and the truck driver was a Czech citizen. A few days after the incident, the police managed to locate the Czech driver, as well as his employer.

The court in Passau (Germany) decided to apply a sentence of 2 years and 3 months, with execution. Also, the driving license was suspended for a period of 4 years.