Unloading a Lada from a truck – Russian style

Just like Germans, Russians also have a distinct mastery in engineering. When it comes to military vehicles in particular, they often do the best. You know it very well from the earlier videos we’ve shared here. Today, we present you just another video that proves the Russians’ prowess in engineering. What you’re going to see watching it is the Lada 4X4, which was formerly known as the Lada Niva. It’s technically an off-road vehicle designed, built and marketed by the Russian manufacturing company AvtoVAZ particularly for the rural market, but urban models were also popular. It was built in countries with different names like Lada Hussar for Finland, Lada Bushman for Australia and Lada Taiga for Germany. This awesome machine serves not only as a vehicle with an enhanced passing capability, but also as a highly practical cargo truck. Today’s video shows us how this gorgeous machine is unloaded from another truck in Russian style.