Volvo’s self-driving garbage truck in action


Self-driving cars are part of our life nowadays. The technology is now quite advanced and it is possible to see these types of cars on the streets. This is the case of a project started by the Volvo Group.

This project focuses on garbage trucks. It also explores how automation is a big part of our day to day life and how this can contribute to enhance the security in traffic. This technology also offers some improved working conditions and also a lower environmental impact. This self-driving truck knows what to do. It stops in order to offer the garbage man the chance to put the garbage inside the car. Volvo just started doing different tests with this car and it is said that it will start going on public streets in late autumn.

The garbage man will do his job without the need to always having to focus on the car. He will need to walk down the street ahead of the truck`s path. The route is pre-programmed so the car will always know where to head. The driver who walks ahead will revise the vehicle and can easily focus on collection duties. The working environment will be safer.