World’s largest RC Concorde jet model – 149kg 10 meters lenght

The R/C model of Concorde is as cool and impressive as the original. And it is the world’s largest RC Concode jet model and It is so big that it has a take-off weight of 149 kilograms, length of 10 meters, wingspan of 4 meters and an air tank capacity of 30 liters. It runs on a 4x JetCat P300 Pro.
Scale: 1/6
Wingspan: 4,00 m
Lenght: 10,00 m
Height: 1,85 m
Take-off weight: 149 kg
Turbine: 4x JetCat P300 Pro
Fuel Tanks Capacity: 4 x 6 Liters
Gears: Pneumatic
Radio: PowerBox CORE
Receiver: PowerBox PBR-26D
Servos: 18x HACKER TD2612S
Air Tank: 30 liters

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