1929 Harley-Davidson pulsejet engine motorcycle test at full speed


You will see that this Harley Davidson will be a great choice for people that want to have the ride of their lifetime. This one was built by super-mechanic Robert Maddox. You will see in this video, that this machinery can easily reach speeds of over 200mph while completing the sprint to 60mph in just a few seconds.

The mechanic built this unique bike in Illinois and while building it his aim with this project was to strap his own rockets to the bike. This bike can produce an eye-watering 250lb of thrust. According to the mechanic, this bike is smooth and stable and this is why the new owner shouldn`t fear that anything will go wrong. It is so powerful that the rider will want to pull his arms off. The super thin engine powers this beast and as you can see in the video, it is pretty interesting to watch. The builder of the bike was also an artist most of his life.

He started building this pulsejet engine around 2000 and starting from this moment on he managed to make some unique creations and this bike is one of them. You will like this video very much.