Motorcyclist launches so hard he takes flight


We all like videos that shows the force of an engine. It is the case of this video and you will certainly like it a lot. You will see that losing traction can be quite dangerous and hard if you don`t know how to do it properly.

Losing control is a big issue of losing traction and we`ve seen lately seen a lot of things happening. In this video we see how a motorcycle offers us a great look at what can go wrong. We see how the rear tire bites just a little too hard and the things seem to not go that well. When the horsepower kicks you will have to be really careful, because if you are not, there may be some issues that will certainly appear. The driver eases the bike towards the line. After that he brings the RPM`s of the engine and he wanted to launch.

As you will see in this video, the nose of the bike will climb instantly towards the sky and the rider is dumped onto his back. The man that filmed all of the action went to see if the rider was ok after the accident that occurred.