$2.5 million dollar motorhome – a luxurious home on wheels


You probably already know how much a Hollywood superstar usually earns. If you are a well known Hollywood actor, you can basically have everything you want.

This is the case of Will Smith. He needs to travel on the road a lot while filming and this is why he decided to get himself a luxury bus. This bus was custom made, and as you see in the video it is a really interesting bus. Will Smith motorhome is a place in which the actor will enjoy traveling. This one was built especially for him and by taking notice of his specifications. The result was a luxury and also a high tech RV. It has around 1200 square feet.

This one is a literally luxurious home on wheels in which the actor will feel like he is always home. It features a wardrobe area and even a bathroom and a kitchen for the actor to make his favorite dishes. This bus also has a second floor and it is interesting to see all of the other features that are included.

This video shows some of them and they are truly spectacular. It is a nice way to travel with it. It also features some TV`s and enough furniture for the whole family.