Tiny Japanese motorhome designed for 4 people



If you like camping, then you should be interested about this mini camper specially designed for 4 people. This camper was made in Japan and it is known for its size. It is suited for single travelers and even for couples on a lower budget.

This type of car is called Kei-Jidosha and it actually means a small-sized car. It is relatively small but it is comfortable enough for 4 people. These micro-campers are really popular in Japan and they lately got a big reputation in other parts of the world. When you go to camping, you probably know that comfort isn`t something you probably think of.

This car was specially designed for comfort with a pop-up roof and a clever interior packaging. This car also features a heater that allows cheap and comfortable all year-round camping. It will be easy to park this van on any parking lot. Another great thing about it is that you will have a place to sleep. Watch this video to learn more about this great car.

You will see that it is ideal for going camping and you will find out that this car can easily be a great one for you.