580-ton stone house built in 1862 moved in 7 hours


As you can see in this video, TriFan 600 lifts off vertically in only a few seconds and this happens because of the technologies integrated within it. It only takes 90 seconds for this airplane to reach high-speed flight. There isn`t any need for the fuselage-mounted fan as it starts flying and as you see in this video, the airplane flights directly to its destination.

It also has the ability to land vertically exactly where it needs to be wherever there`s a clear helipad sized surface. It flies with speeds up to 245 miles an hour and at a range of up to 1,200 miles. Another thing about this airplane is that it reaches 30.000 feet in just 10 minutes. Besides all of these features, the airplane offers the passengers the comfort they want satisfying their discerning needs.

It has a luxurious look and it features some high-tech additions. It has some business class additions so the people flying with it can enjoy their flights as they are reaching their destinations really fast.

You will certainly be amazed of this really great looking airplane which can reach its destination in not time. This airplane certainly is a great addition to the industry.