6 unusual and amazing engines which actually exist


Engines are some things that usually require some kind of fuel to work. This video shows how some really interesting engines work. The first engine we see in this video is the Bacterial Spores Engine. This one is pretty interesting because it works only by the forces of bacterial microorganisms. This engine was developed by a team of engineers and it is truly spectacular.

The 48-Cylinder Kawasaki is another great engine. The motorbike that uses this engine is really fast and the noise it makes is really loud. You won`t like the sound when you will be sitting next to this bike. Another engine presented in this video is the 24v71 Detroit Big Mike Engine. This one is really spectacular and interesting. This one is a custom engine and it is really interesting to see how it works. This engine is the biggest one to ever been built for a semi-truck. We also see in this video other engines too. The 24 chainsaw motorcycle engine, the Shockwave Jet Truck engine, the Rotec Radial Bike engine are also some really interesting engines that we see in this video. If you want to learn more about these engines just listen to the info this video provides you with.