80-year-old video perfectly explaining how differentials work


In this video you see how differentials work. It shows perfectly how they work and you will see that this video, although is old, explains it perfectly.

As you see the video, you will enjoy some motorcyclists which show you how things work. As the video starts, you will see a formation of motorcyclists. They show a lot in this video. You will see how the mechanics work and the video even explains graphically what happens. You will also see other vehicles too. There are a lot of vehicles shown in this video and you will learn a lot about how things work.

The video even shows how wheels work and explains the mechanical aspects that you need to know. As you see the explanation of this video, you learn more about the mechanics of the car. It is very important to know how things work and this video explains perfectly the things you need to know regarding how differentials work. This old video even shows how a car works and demonstrates perfectly how mechanical aspects of the car work.

You will learn a lot of things from this old video and you will enjoy a really well made explanation video.