Captain of an 100.000 ton aircraft carrier having fun at work


Is there any way that a 100.000 ton aircraft carrier could drift? This is a good question that probably a lot of enthusiasts will put. It seems impossible for a massive aircraft carrier to drift, but things aren`t as simple as that.

The drift you will see in this video is quite interesting to watch and you will like it. This carrier headed on sea to be tested out. The mechanics decided to test this bout out in order to see what it is capable of. This made the possibility of this video to be created and you will certainly like it a lot. The sailor said that this works exactly like a car. When it is at full power, the sailor pushes the rudder in order for this carrier to make a turn. It will result in a 10-15 degree list.

This is quite huge for a carrier. Usually for a small boat it can be accomplished at an angle of 40 or even 50 degrees. You will certainly like this video a lot because it will show you how this carrier handles a drift. You will see that it will be quite nice to watch it in action.