Caterpillar C15 engine swap in a Peterbilt truck


Engine swaps aren`t something that you do only in your garage. As you will see in this video, this is the case of a cat c15 engine that has been added to a Peterblit truck. You will see that this industrial engine swap will certainly raise some eyebrows. The mechanics we see in this video pull out the heavy artillery in order to handle this big time engine swap.

We see that this engine is added to the Peterbilt. This machine will receive some love from this huge engine and you will see all of the aspects of this action. In this video you will learn more about the engine and how it works on that machine. You will also see different aspects of the mechanics involved into making this thing possible.

You will certainly like this video a lot especially if you are a fan of mechanics. It will be a quite interesting video to watch and you will like it a lot. You will be impressed by all of the hard work that is put towards making this possible.

The job seems a bit hard but as the video unfolds you will like it a lot even more.