Old Scania V8 engine, 1.4m km, with open pipes – amazing sound


This classic Scania truck, excellently restored, is already a true legend among truck enthusiasts, although its restoration was done almost 4 years ago. From then until today, this classic truck, nicknamed “The Old Pirate”, or “Old Pirate”, has become such a famous star that it has become a symbol of beautiful and inspired restorations, and more recently they have been launched. children’s toys, but also collectible models, which embody this classic Scania, faithfully reproducing the truck in its original size. So what’s so special about this truck, and what is its story?

This amazing Scania truck from this video has been restored by the Dutch company Truck Junkie, and as we know the Netherlands are known all over the world for their good work in truck modification, tuning, paint and individualization workshops. The company wanted to pay homage to a notorious classic model and chose the most symbolic model for it – Scania 143M, or R143M. The model belongs to the Scania 3-series family, produced in Sweden between 1987 and 1998, and the general perception is that this model was the best truck of its time. Simple and clear, no detours, it was simply the best truck and point. And this opinion was valid even then, the truck also earning the title of truck of the year in Europe, but even now, looking back at the models of those times.

Truck Junkie looked for such a model for their restoration ideas and found a model that had the famous V8 engine. The truck was wrecked in an accident, but the engine, even though it was 1.4 million miles long, was in fantastically good condition. Then they looked for a well-kept truck with a full chassis and a cab to work on. They found one that had traveled only 600,000 miles, nothing in the world of trucks.