Fastest VW Golf MK1- 2.0 16V Turbocharged (GTX 4202R) engine and 1056HP


We think that old vehicles aren’t that good anymore. We shouldn’t think this because we have examples that show the contrary. This video shows you how a massive machine is hiding underneath the hood.

As you will see the video, this  VW Golf MK1 2.0L 16V Turbo will “eat” everything in front of it and you will certainly be amazed. The owner of the care gave it a name. He named it Vampire. He named it this way because it is a really powerful car. This car has the strengths and the power to destroy any enemies, like the mythical creature has. This ability is shown in a drag race. This video shows all of the characteristics of the car.

This fast beast, an old Golf MK1 has 2.0 16V Turbocharged (GTX 4202R) engine that makes 1056 HP It will certainly impress you. It also shows how the characteristics were added. When you see the video, you will manage to feel the power of the car. This video shows exactly how this beast works and you will certainly enjoy it.

As the video unfolds this car can easily reach 200 km/h. It looks like a really fast car and the driver seems to appreciate it. This video is pretty interesting and you should see it in order to watch how a powerful ride is racing on the road.